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Innovation is in the target, Value is in the team

ElsaLys Biotech is a biotechnology company that designs and develops “best-in-disease” therapeutic antibodies that target tumors and their immune and/or vascular microenvironment. By restoring the ability of immune cells to recognize and kill tumors (Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors or ICI) or by blocking the mechanisms that promote their growth (targeted antibodies), ElsaLys Biotech widens the range of combinations of oncology and ophthalmology in novel strong potential therapeutic targets, two of which are expected to enter clinical trials late 2017.

To identify new targets and to drive its developments up to the clinic, the company relies on an academic network of international standing, that covers from targets sourcing to clinical development of drug candidates, a team of experts with solid experience in immuno-oncology, antibodies development and partnerships, and a comprehensive and integrated R&D platform.Today ElsaLys Biotech has five R&D proprietary development programs in oncology and in ophthalmology.

Founded in 2013, ElsaLys Biotech is managed by Dr Christine Guillen. Its founding shareholders are Transgene and Sofimac Partners, joined in 2015 by IM Europe and Crédit Agricole Création. The company and its laboratories are located in the heart of the Biodistrict Lyon Gerland, Lyon, France.


Funding history:

  • April 2013: incorporation
  • May 2013: € 2.2m from Transgene and Sofimac Partners
  • July 2013- January 2014: € 0.7m grants from BPI France and Alsace Region
  • November 2015 : 2.7 million of a total fundraising amounting to € 5 million subscribed by Sofimac Partners, IM Europe and Crédit Agricole Création



  • Sofimac Partners
  • Transgene
  • IM Europe
  • Crédit Agricole Création
  • Business Angel


Institutional Support:

  • BPI France
  • Alsace Region

Skills and assets

A team of experts covering from target sourcing to clinical development of drug candidates

The skills of the Company range from target sourcing to clinical development of drug candidates. To this end, the ElsaLys Biotech team combines:

  • Solid knowledge in immunology and cancer and a strong academic, clinical and industrial network to identify as early as possible high potential targets identified by researchers.
  • Perfect mastery of recombinant antibody technology (whole antibodies, fragments, chimeric or humanized antibodies).
  • Expertise (cellular, molecular immunology and immuno-pharmacology) and tools (in vitro and in vivo models and biological samples from patients) to confirm, as closely as possible to reality, the real efficacy and safety of candidate antibodies.
  • Clinical experience to select the most relevant indication, identify and validate potential therapeutic combinations and secure the future clinical development plan of the drug candidate.
  • Unique know-how in bio-manufacturing, which today enables ElsaLys Biotech to produce pre-industrial antibody candidates through a wide range of expression systems.
  • A project management industry standard (for each program, a scientific coordinator monitors the Gantt chart and advancement of the deliverables borne internally or through academic laboratory partners or service companies).  

In addition, ElsaLys Biotech relies on a network of actors and opinion leaders in the specific field of antibodies (research, clinical, regulatory, patent, CMC, toxicology).


Financial Partners

Academic and industrial partners



In less than 3 years, ElsaLys Biotech has already signed licensing option and/or collaboration agreements (Institut Curie, IGBMC-ICS, Centre Léon Bérard, Skin Research Center, PDCC) and maturation agreements, and has acquired first two strategic assets from MABLIFE and TRANSGENE. These have led to five R&D programs against serious or debilitating diseases: cancer and vascular tumors of the eye.

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ElsaLys Biotech is always searching for dedicated and motivated employees and we also offers opportunities for student training periods.

 If you would like to join our team, please contact us


Headquarters, R&D, Shipping Address

Chez ACCINOV, 317 avenue Jean Jaurès
69007 Lyon
☏ +33 (0)4 37 28 73 00

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Administrative and Financial Department

ELSALYS BIOTECH SAS, Pépinière de Hautepierre
8 avenue Dante, CS 70033
F-67087 Strasbourg Cedex
☏ +33 (0)3 88 29 03 00

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