Dr Jacques Mizrahi

PhD, Vice President R&D

Jacques Mizrahi joined ElsaLys Biotech in 2014 as a consultant acting Chief Scientific Officer. Before joining ElsaLys Biotech, Jacques spent the past 25 years in drug discovery and translational medicine in several big Pharma such as GSK, E.Lilly and Roche where he were developing programs in diabetes, renal diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
At his last appointment at Roche, he directed the Global Therapy Area of metabolic and cardiovascular focusing on translational medicine programs which included the clinical research on biomarkers and personalized medicine.
Jacques is also a consultant for Aravis in Switzerland, INSERM Transfer Initiative and ICAN foundation in France.

Jacques Mizrahi has a PhD in Physiology-Pharmacology of the Medical School of the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and completed his training by spending some years at the INSERM U36 as a post-doctoral fellow.