Anti-TYRO3/MERTK in Oncology

ELB031 is an antibody program targeting both TYRO3 and MERTK, two members of the tyrosine kinase receptor family involved in genesis, survival, proliferation and migration of cancer cells as well as immuno-modulation.

Though its activity is tightly regulated in normal cells, TYRO3 receptor may acquire transforming functions due to mutation(s), overexpression or self-stimulation, leading to malignancy. It may also modulate anti-tumoral immune response. Recent studies have shown that TYRO3 is disregulated and may play an important role in Acute and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (AML and CML), Multiple Myeloma (MM), bladder cancer and melanoma. Consistently, TYRO3 inactivation inhibits proliferation and leads to increased sensitivity to chemotherapies.

ElsaLys Biotech has generated a panel of high affinity inhibitory antibodies of TYR03 and MERKT, now being tested and optimized to select the best candidate for development in a first indication of solid tumor. This program is subject to a license and collaboration agreement with the Curie Institute.