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Dr David Liens, MD

Dr David Liens, MD

Chief Medical Officer

David Liens brings more than 20 years’ experience in the field of drug development and medical affairs in large pharmaceutical groups and biotech growth companies.

David Liens’s field of expertise covers a wide range of pharmaceuticals such as small molecules, biological drugs, therapeutic enzymes or cellular therapies, and diagnostic devices.

Since 2007, David Liens has been involved in conducting several clinical trials in the fields of oncology, onco-hematology (lymphoblastic leukemia, myeloblastic leukemia, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and melanoma) and immunotherapy.
Dr Liens has also specialized in the development of orphan drugs with more than a dozen products to his credit (three of which are expected to be validated in the near future).

David Liens started his career as a project manager in a French CRO. He then joined Merck Sérono where he served for 8 years as medical marketing manager for cardiometabolic and niche products. He subsequently served as scientific and clinical director at OPi/EUSA pharma before joining ERYTECH-Pharma in 2008 as medical director.

In January 2012, he set up BPLS-Consulting (for BIO-PHARMA LIFE-SCIENCES CONSULTING) specialized in supporting biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

He is a medical doctor, specialized in clinical research. 


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