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A player in the immunotherapy revolution

ELSALYS BIOTECH is postioned on the very dynamic market of immunotherapy and primarily its applications in immuno-oncology. Anti-cancer drugs alone should represent over 25% of sales in the pharmaceutical sector in 2020(1), essentially because of the development of immunotherapies. With a provisional turnover of $45 billion, this single segment is evaluated at close to 60% of the oncology market in 2025(2), including $30 billion for immunomodulator antibodies from 2020(3).

The current challenge of immunotherapy is to overstep resistance to the first generation of immuno-oncology treatments, in particular immunomodulator antibodies, which have demonstrated outstanding efficacy, but only in some cancers and on some patients.

Current research aims at both validating new mechanisms of action capable of combining with treatments having already demonstrated a positive risk/benefit assessment in many cancers in order to reinforce the efficacy and better identify the patients likely to respond to each treatment. The search for new response markers as well as the setting up of processing algorithms is also part of the important developments in oncology over the next few years.

In this way the market is engaged in a new wave of innovation driven by therapeutic combinations : in the 10 most frequent indications in cancer, around 40% of trials testing immunomodulator antibodies target the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway (the main approach, with 5 treatments today approved in around ten different indications) and are today conducted in combination. Other promising and complementary approaches are under study and will certainly be registered in the clinical algorithms in coming years: activation of T-cells  via other mechanisms, activation of other immune cells (NK-Natural Killer, macrophages…), simultaneous action on immune cells and on tumour cells, and removal of immunosuppressor mechanisms in the tumour microenvironment.

This development of the immunotherapy market revolutionises the management of cancers where there are considerable unmet needs and where therapeutic innovations, which drive the strong growth of the market, postion themselves as a complement to established treatments and at price levels with respect to the therapeutic benefit obtained.

Based on a network of experts in basic and clinical research which allows the Company to be supplied with new acquisition opportunities and to accelerate the preclinical and clinical development programmes, ELSALYS BIOTECH is well positioned at the heart of this immunotherapy revolution by associating novel therapeutic targets with new antibody formats, thus supporting a new R&D approach for the optimisation of new drug combinations.

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The Company has 2 ongoing programs in immuno-oncology


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