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ELB041 (ANTI-CD115 antibody in oncology)

ELB041 (Anti-CD115 antibody in oncology)

Antibody targeting macrophages, immune-suppressive accomplices of cancer cells
Status: candidate for the clinic selected

In 2016, ELSALYS BIOTECH acquired the development and marketing rights for an anti-CD115 TG3003 (now called ELB041) from TRANSGENE.  This antibody is directed against the receptor for the M-CSF (Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor), a factor that drives survival and differentiation of myeloid cells. In particular, CD115 (or M-CSFR) directs their differentiation into macrophages, whose presence in the tumour microenvironment is associated with poor prognosis. A number of studies has now established that within the population of macrophages, the M2 subpopulation has a key role in promoting tumour progression. The new wave of immuno-oncology antibodies should therefore aim at targeting tumour associated macrophages (Nielsen & Schmid 2017, Mantovani et al, 2017).

ELB041 has a unique mode of action: in reprogramming macrophage differentiation, it lifts the immune suppression exerted by M2 macrophages while preventing the potentially toxic accumulation of M-CSF in the bloodstream.

ELB041 could become a valuable treatment option for cancers with poor prognosis associated to high infiltration of M2 macrophages, such as breast, stomach, ovarian, kidney and head and neck cancers.

Modes of action of ELB041

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Thu, 12/15/2016 - 17:00
  • Initially developed by TRANSGENE, one of ELSALYS BIOTECH’s founding shareholders, this antibody inhibits a deleterious subpopulation o


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