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Dr Catherine Mathis, PharmD

Dr Catherine Mathis, PharmD

Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Mathis has over 25 years’ experience in clinical research and regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, particularly in the fields of immunology and oncology.

Catherine Mathis has acquired strong expertise in the development of innovative products from Phase 1 to Phase 3 with excellent knowledge of European and North American regulation of biologics. She has conducted many projects in development involving interactions with the US health authorities (FDA), European (EMA and national authorities) and the European payers (HTA).

Prior to joining Elsalys Biotech, Catherine served as a senior director for the international consulting firm Voisin Consulting, where she advised several biotech and pharma companies developing innovative products. Catherine also served for several years as Head of Regulatory Affairs at Transgene, a French biotech company developing immunotherapy vaccines based on recombinant viruses.

Catherine Mathis began her career at Ipsen/Beaufour and Sanofi Pasteur in clinical research.

Catherine completed pharmacy studies and then earned a Master degree in applied and basic toxicology from the University of Paris VII.


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