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  • ElsaLys Biotech
    Focused on innovative medicines to address haemato-oncology related
    life-threatening and rare diseases
  • Inolimomab (LEUKOTAC®)
    Available under ATU in France to patients over 28 days of age
    BLA submission in the USA for the treatment of aGvHD in grade II-IV adult patients

Welcome to ElsaLys Biotech

ELSALYS BIOTECH is a specialty pharmaceutical company, part of the Mediolanum Farmaceutici Spa group, focused on innovative medicines to address haemato-oncology related life-threatening and rare diseases.

Following strategic acquisitions and targeted developments, ELSALYS is establishing an immunotherapeutic portfolio focused on niche specialty pharmaceuticals to answer unmet medical needs.

Today ELSALYS BIOTECH is conducting 3 proprietary development programs including Inolimomab (LEUKOTAC®), an immunotherapy antibody that has recently demonstrated its clinical superiority in Phase 3 in an orphan disease with very poor prognosis: steroid-resistant acute Graft-versus-Host Disease and that is currently benefiting of cohort ATU in France for the treatment of acute cortico-resistant or corticosteroid-dependent Graft-versus-Host disease in adults and pediatric patients over 28 days of age.

Our commitment is to offer essential drugs meeting Public Health needs.

Founded in 2013, ELSALYS BIOTECH is located in the heart of the European cluster Lyon Biopole, in Lyon, France.

The company is acting today in 3 main medical fields :


New Updates

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Wed, 04/14/2021 - 07:30 - Sat, 01/19/2030 - 08:30
  • During its first year under ATU and despite the pandemic, around 30 patients in France has been treated with inolimomab as it is consi

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 09:30
  • NOVA awarded €2.4 million to leverage Jinkō®, its best-in-class clinical trial simulation platform, to conduct in silico stud

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 10:30

Thanks to acquisition, the Italian pharmaceutical Group strengthens its commitment to Research & Development in Oncology, and consolidate its


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