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Mediolanum Farmaceutici acquires the French company ElsaLys Biotech to develop next generation immuno-oncology therapies

Thanks to acquisition, the Italian pharmaceutical Group strengthens its commitment to Research & Development in Oncology, and consolidate its international expansion process. 

Milan, May 7th 2020 – Mediolanum Farmaceutici Spa, a leading Italian pharmaceutical Group operating on the international scene, focused on research, development, production and distribution of innovative and original medicines to improve patients’ health and quality of life, announced that it has acquired the French company ElsaLys Biotech.
ElsaLys Biotech is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company that designs and develops a new generation of therapeutic antibodies that target tumours and their immune and vascular microenvironment.
By modulating the action of immune cells (immunomodulator antibodies) or by blocking the mechanisms that promote tumour growth (targeted antibodies), ElsaLys Biotech intends to offer novel treatment solutions to patients, with a particular focus on whom the current therapies are less or no longer beneficial. The Company relies on a strong academic network of international standing, and an R&D platform that covers the clinical development and the commercialization of immune-based therapies.
Thanks to this acquisition, Mediolanum Farmaceutici will further consolidate its presence on the international markets, directly or through partnerships.

"In addition to its proven expertise in the Cardiovascular area, Mediolanum Farmaceutici is renowned for its broad portfolio in Oncology, providing clinicians and patients with innovative high-quality therapeutic solutions to transform the lives of people affected by cancer stated Alessandro Del Bono, CEO of Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group. The acquisition of ElsaLys Biotech’s pipeline represents a significant step forward in our international expansion, while increasing the Group's R&D capabilities".

“The acquisition of ElsaLys Biotech by Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group is a great opportunity for our company” added Christine Guillen, CEO and co-founder of ElsaLys Biotech. We are proud to join the Mediolanum family who has a huge experience in the marketing of pharmaceuticals and a well-known innovation strategy”.


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